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As the world undergoes tremendous urbanisation, there is an ardent need for us to reconnect with nature, which has somewhat been lost in this human-made world. Everybody knows the benefits of living in nature and how it offers greater peace of mind and healthy living. However, as we progress to evolve and grow, we have seen ourselves residing in a concrete world, in closed apartments that are quite far away from the natural way of life.

The SPA Group truly understands this need and thus has brought forth a luxurious project that is nestled right in the lap of mother nature. Ecocity by SPA Group, Off Sarjapur is a gated community of Villa Plots that brings the perfect mix of modern conveniences and natural pleasure and offers its residents a chance to live a life that is closer to nature.

Here is a brief overview of what makes SPA Ecocity the best destination for your dream home.

What is SPA Ecocity All About?

SPA Ecocity is a 50-acre villa plot community that offers premium plots on Sarjapur road. This community has been delicately crafted to bring its residents in the core lap of nature. The vision behind the development of this residential community is to elevate your lifestyle and make it possible for you to spread your wings amid nature accompanying state-of-the-art amenities.
Here are some of the key highlights that will make you want to move in as soon as possible.

9 Themed Parks

Usually, when you hear about greenery in a residential complex, you think of a lot of grass dotted with a few trees. But that is not true in the case of Ecocity. Ecocity Sarjapur has raised the bar when it comes to natural spaces.
Ecocity comprises 9 themed parks, each purpose-built to suit the varying needs of your family and friends.

  1. Mowgli World:

    A themed play area for children to learn and grow while having fun

  2. My Playground:

    A multi-sport playground for players of all ages to flourish their talent.

  3. Cricket Nets:

    For Cricket enthusiasts to master their strokes or deliver the perfect yorker

  4. Life @ 60:

    To celebrate the golden years of life by reminiscing about old stories or even making some new ones

  5. Nature’s Trail:

    To rejoice and enjoy living in nature’s lap

  6. Celebration Park:

    To celebrate life’s most wonderful, cheerful, & memorable moments

  7. Pet Park:

    A dedicated place for your pets to play, socialize, and exercise with other pets

  8. Fresh & Organic:

    Your personal garden to grow homemade fresh food

  9. In the Woods:

    A tropical jungle of your own to experience nature at its fullest

Vismaya Spa & Resort

Gone are the days when visits to the Spa were an untold luxury. Ecocity brings you the elusive Spa right to your doorstep. Ecocity offers a 6-acre spa and resort that surpasses your every imaginable expectation. This Spa and Resort development is meant to be a retreat from the hustle and bustle of life where you can live a luxurious lifestyle without any worries.

Life-Enhancing Amenities

Ecocity lets its residents enjoy the perfect amalgamation of nature and contemporary life-enhancing amenities. The Villa Plots off Sarjapur Road offers 24*7 medical care, smart classrooms, day-care for your toddler, a coliseum for your sport’s needs, a beauty parlor and salon, a convenience store, and more.
You won’t need to step off the property to meet your daily needs, whether it’s entertainment, recreation, or fitness.

Innovative Infrastructure

Ecocity is not just about what meets the eye. The entire complex has been built keeping the latest development techniques in mind. It has been engineered to fulfil today’s complex needs with the most outstanding care and best materials. Some of the highlights include seamless wheelchair and pram-friendly routes, exclusive water storage tank, rainwater harvesting, dedicated power supply for each plot, etc.


SPA Ecocity is a unique, exclusive, and charming world that perfectly blends mother nature and outdoor living while adding the touch of modern design, aesthetics, amenities, and infrastructure to bring a fulfilled complete life.
SPA Ecocity has everything that you can ask for and more. Nature, recreation, convenience, beauty, you name it. If you want to live a modern lifestyle amid natural beauty, call us today to find out about plots for sale in Sarjapur road.

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