SPA Group: Charting the Legacy & Leadership

SPA Group Legacy
“In every piece we craft, we will always deliver more than what we promised “YOU”, because, yes, “YOU” matter!”

Everything we do at SPA Group has always been around YOU. Keeping you at the helm of our products & services, we craft bespoke environments that enhance your lifestyle, enabling you to live, rather than just exist.

Our legacy can be drawn back to our ancestors Sewnarayan & Khubchand who began an entrepreneurial journey in the 60s. What started off as a business of mini steel plant & coal mine trading, further diversified into liquid warehousing in 1972 when Sushil Kajaria pivoted the company. At present, we are not only the largest liquid warehousing company in Eastern India but also a pioneer in crafting commercial & residential buildings.

Our transformational journey continued when. Prashant Kajaria, at the mere age of 21, set forth to Bangalore to expand the organization’s venture into horticulture & floriculture. In due time, his love for nature and environments led to the formation of SPA Group’s iconic community and estate-living projects in the Garden City.

Today, we are renowned for crafting boutique and bespoke environments that go beyond excellence to offer you a lifestyle that is built for you.

Here’s what makes our organisation what it is today.

  • The Original Values

  • Our ancestors formed the stepping stones of our family’s 80-year-old business with the aim to craft exemplary products & services for you. We have continued to imbibe those values even today and ensure that they are carried forth in every decision we make.

  • The Philosophy

  • Our philosophy ‘why exist when you can live’ reflects our decisions in crafting environments, building infrastructures, and products that stand the test of time.  

  • The Vision

  • SPA Group’s vision is to create luxury environments and build sustainable infrastructure for generations to enjoy and ensure that affordability is kept as a priority, bringing about, in the truest sense “affordable ultra-luxury.”

  • The Leadership

  • SPA Group’s name itself is formed out of the initials of our passionate leaders – Sushil, Prashant, and Amit Kajaria. Pioneers and innovators in their own respect, all three leaders bring in years of experience and expertise to the table.

    Our philosophy of ‘You Matter’ holds true not just for our customers, but for our employees and partners as well. Our leadership has been proactive in building an environment of collaboration where every opinion matters, and every decision benefits all. Together, we strive to build an organisation that grows harmoniously with its people.

The Legacy Continues

The roots of our legacy have paved the way for us to build sustainable infrastructures & luxury environments for generations to enjoy. Our brand manifesto is a simple belief that for us, YOU matter. With every detail we embed, with every step we take, we keep you at the forefront of our decisions. And that is how we have built a debt-free, financially sound organisation with a strong foothold in liquid warehousing, agriculture marketing, energy storage, horticulture, real estate, and green technology.


Creating luxury environments and building sustainable infrastructure for generations to enjoy since 1972.