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Does Your Neighbour Matter?

Frangipani Estates Community

Everyone desires to live a fulfilled life, rich in luxury, space & convenience. People go to great lengths to achieve this. From selecting the right home in the right location to having the best of indulgences, homebuyers account for many factors to ensure they live in a place that is a reflection of themselves.

However, amongst all, there is one factor that most homebuyers can’t be in control of and i.e., their neighbours. Now it goes without saying that living with the right set of neighbours actually brings the true sense of community living. Not only are they extremely helpful, but they also make our stay more enjoyable. It is that final factor on your checklist that completes the idea of a home.

Estate living is an excellent option for living amidst a like-minded community that appreciates the grandeur of life and respects individual privacy concurrently. Let’s see why homeowners prefer estate living and how Frangipani Estates allows you to experience it.

Estate Living Allots Abundant Privileges & Exclusivity

Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city is a dream for many. But what if you could have all the perks of country living without giving up your urban lifestyle? That’s where estate living comes in.

Estate living is all about living in luxury. From sprawling lawns and picturesque views to top-of-the-line amenities, there’s no shortage of perks when it comes to this lifestyle genre. Residents enjoy 24-hour security, private access to indulgent experiences and amenities, and a secluded setting that is away from the chaos of city life, but not from its comforts. This is perfect for those who desire the pinnacle of privacy and luxury.

As such, estates are often located in prime neighbourhoods, they’re not accessible to just anyone. Only a handful of people who look at life beyond merely existing get to be a part of these elite communities. What makes estate living different from township and city living is the utilisation of space and the number of people residing there. More often than not, township living is centred around accommodating the growing population.

In contrast, estate living caters to a certain kind of lifestyle that’s nearly impossible to achieve in the cities. Designed to elevate the life of a select handful of people, estate living gives its residents unrestricted space, comfort, and luxuries of life.

Such a setting of accessibility and limited availability of estates automatically translates to a private, elite community of like-minded people.

Frangipani Estates: Where you discover exclusivity amidst a like-minded community

  • Where You Reside Amidst the Select Few:

  • Frangipani Estates has been designed for a select 33 families. The residents here form an exclusive community who live a life beyond the ordinary. Founders, CEOs, MDs, and Global heads of established MNCs are amongst the esteemed estate owners at Frangipani.

  • Where All the Experiences Are Centred Around You:

  • Going Beyond cramped clubhouses and ordinary amenities, the luxury Estates in Sarjapur road place you at the core experiences aimed at enriching your life. From waking up to the chirping birds, greeting swans in your private lake, to hosting an intimate gathering in a private park, the wonderful indulgences at Frangipani Estates take you back to the moments that matter the most.

  • Where Nature Becomes Your Neighbour Too:

  • At Frangipani Estates, the luxury of having great neighbours isn’t limited to just humans. Here, the thoughtfully crafted estates accompany raw, natural experiences at Lake Serenity, a 2-acre private lake; Rejuve park, a 2-acre private park; and Palm Triangle, a 1-acre private forest where migratory swans, ducks, and turkeys become your neighbours too!

  • Where You Live in the Fastest-Growing Neighbourhood of Bengaluru:

  • Frangipani Estate is strategically located off Sarjapur Road, a fast-growing area for luxury gated communities, luxury golf courses, and expansive IT parks. Frangipani’s distinctiveness lies in its location. The community keeps you nestled deep in a pristine environment yet conveniently connected to the best infrastructure like quality healthcare, education, sports facilities, and a myriad of entertainment options.

  • Where You Have the Luxury of Space & Time:

  • The private estates, sprawling across 20,000sqft to 40,000sqft, give you the freedom to interact with nature and your neighbours the way you wish to. Prioritizing your privacy, these customisable mansions and the surrounding landscape keep you comfortably secluded yet conveniently connected to the entire community.

You Deserve the Best

There are many benefits to living in a like-minded community, and at Frangipani Estates, we believe that those benefits are amplified. Living in a community of people who share your values creates a sense of belonging and support that can be hard to come by. If you’re looking for a place where you can live and not just exist, Frangipani Estates by SPA Group is the perfect place for you because “you matter”.


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