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SPA Ecocity: Exploring VISMAYA Resort & Spa’s Life-Enhancing Amenities

Vismaya amenities

VISMAYA Spa & Resort is a paradisical destination designed for the utmost rejuvenation, relaxation, and exuberance. Boasting spectacular sports facilities, outstanding indulgences, and life-enhancing amenities, VISMAYA brings the residents of Ecocity a luxurious life that seamlessly blends with nature, comfort, and convenience.

This blog post will explore the exceptional life-enhancing amenities that VISMAYA Spa & Resort has to offer, highlighting how they contribute to a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle for you.


At VISMAYA, you’ll find everything you and your family need to relax and rejuvenate, including dedicated areas for children, your professional needs, and your downtime and entertainment.

  1. Any Time Medical Care (ATMC)
  2. Ecocity features a 24-hour in-house medical facility in association with the esteemed Narayana Hrudalaya for your complete well-being. This care facility provides guests with an extensive range of medical services, including emergency care, first aid, and basic medical protocols for children & senior citizens alike. The facility also extends to an ambulance bay that ensures ‘golden hour’ care during emergencies.

  3. Brainwave (Smart Library Room)
  4. The resort’s smart educational library room is the perfect place for children to explore their interests and absorb new things. A space where children can connect and study for their exams or complete their homework without the unwarranted distractions at home. With plenty of space to spread out and plenty of activities to keep them busy, children can flourish and grow in this stimulating environment without impediments.

  5. Notes & Steps (Music & Dance Academy)
  6. The Music & Dance Academy is the perfect place to let your creative side out! Whether it is you or your kids, Notes & Steps empowers you to keep your creative juices flowing when it comes to the craft of music and dance, where you can learn to play your favourite instrument or just break into a jamming session.

  7. Toddler’s Haven (24-Hour Day & Night Crèche)
  8. Toddler’s Haven is a safe and welcoming environment where your toddler can play, explore, and make new friends, while you can enjoy a romantic night out, attend important meetings, and do anything you want, knowing that your child is in good hands. With complete CCTV monitoring and trained personnel, you can be rest assured that your children are in safe hands.

  9. Coliseum (Unleash the Sportsman in You)
  10. This sports complex provides residents with state-of-the-art facilities to stay fit and active. The complex features a half-size basketball court, a squash court, a jogging track, indoor badminton court, 5-a-side football, a full-sized tennis court, and more.

  11. WFH (Bring Work Home)
  12. The Work From Home area is designed for those who need to stay connected to their professional side of life while being away from the office. The space features high-speed Internet access, comfortable workstations and a variety of other amenities to make working from home as convenient and comfortable as possible. It is encompassed with views of sprawling green dense landscapes and views of the irresistible blue waters of the swimming pool.

  13. Well Spa (For the Mind, Body & Soul)
  14. There’s no better way to relax and rejuvenate than at a spa, and VISMAYA offers the perfect setting for a luxurious spa experience. With a wide range of therapeutic and relaxing treatments, Well Spa is designed to promote physical and mental well-being.

  15. Just Groomed (Beauty Parlor & Salon)
  16. A professional salon with a variety of treatments that will help you look and feel your best. Whether you’re looking for a new hairstyle, a pampering pedicure, or a facial, the experienced professionals will cater to your needs.

  17. Home Needs (Convenience Store)
  18. Ecocity residents never have to worry about running out of essentials thanks to the presence of a grocery store right in the heart of the community. The store stocks a wide range of food and household items, making it a one-stop shop for all your needs.

  19. Terminal One (Safe Pick-up & Drop)
  20. A designated area for school pick-up and drop-offs, company vehicles, and convenient transport for ease of convenience and safety of your kids. This way you can relax and enjoy while safeguarding your trust with our dedicated management team.

The Ultimate Resort-like Life

VISMYA Resort & Spa in Ecocity – a 50-acre handcrafted community of villa plots in sarjapur road offers an array of amenities designed to maximize comfort and convenience for guests. From the indulgent spa treatments and a fully-equipped parlor & salon, to an excellent WFH facility and a music & dance academy – there is something for everyone at this exceptional destination. With its unbeatable medley of amenities and world-class service, this exquisite resort is the perfect destination for living a convenient life.


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