Get Ready for Raw Experiences & Rarest Privileges at Frangipani Estates

Frangipani Estates experiences
What does exclusiveness look like? What does unlimited space for you to unwind convey to you? Which is that one place which combines nature in the rawest form and a lifestyle deserving enough for the privileged few? It might sound like something out of a dream but we have made it happen. Allow us to Unveil to you Frangipani Estates by SPA group. Explore living like no other in ultra-luxury private estate mansion that boast of rare privileges and rarest experiences. A lifestyle that speaks of a limited-edition luxury amidst unlimited spaciousness, reserved for the elite few!

At the peak of luxury, this particular exclusive estate is nothing short of a masterpiece. Sculpted naturally around the surrounding environment, these estates are crown jewels advocating elusive living crafted keeping YOU in mind. Exclusivity herein simply means living life to the fullest amidst the beauty of nature. Exclusivity herein means not crowded cramped spaces but only 33 select estates from 22,000 sqft to an acre (44,000Sqft) cocooned in a close-knit community of like-minded people just like you. Here, you don’t worry about staying competitive or what others might be living with.

However, very few people are privileged enough to enjoy this rare experience of owning private luxury real estate.

That’s why the SPA Group has come up with a premium real estate project that not only provides exclusivity but beams with quality, elegance, and simplicity. The attention to detail is worth your attention and ready to be showcased to you.

Frangipani Estates is an exclusive community inspired by the works of world-renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa. It offers extraordinary privileges and experiences not found anywhere else. It is a haven of luxury living that radiates pristine simplicity and subtleness—a place to live beyond the ordinary with timeless experiences nestled in the lap of nature.

What to Expect from Frangipani Estates?

The luxury estate mansions Off Sarjapur reveal true simplicity and grace and yet extravagant. They show a promise of a life that is more than Italian floors and French tapestries. They illustrate a picture of a world that is all about simplicity, reconnecting with nature, and creating a smooth balance between where you live and how you exist.

  • 33 Exclusively Crafted Experiences

Frangipani Estates offer a limited number of 33 exclusively crafted estates. Each of the estate ranges from 22,000 to 44,000 square feet and is intended to increase all-around open space.

The residences here are everything and more than you have ever wished for. These estates are structured in such a way that the only noise you’ll hear is the sound of the wind wiggling through the trees and the chirping of birds and fluttering if butterflies.

  • A Backyard with Endless Possibilities

When you arrive at Frangipani Estates, you’ll be immediately impressed by its vast and sprawling spaces including your own personal backyard. Each of the 33 SPA Group Frangipani Estate residences features a sprawling backyard which can be used as your personal garden or for growing meals organically and plucking them right from your backyard. It is not only a perfect spot for nourishing your health naturally but also a place where you can feel at peace after a busy day.

  • 2 Acre Private Lake Serenity

The 2-acres of the private lake at Frangipani offers the residents to lose themselves in a serene environment where peace and tranquillity reside. Herein, you get to enjoy candlelight dinners at your reserved lake within the premises or sail off on a relaxing weekend. Relax in the gazebo while observing the lake’s shifting patterns and stunning greenery.

You can visit the friendly swans and rafter of turkeys who freely wander the premises. Or you can overcome your writer’s block while mesmerizing by the views of the migrating birds. At Frangipani, you get to involve in a whole different world where natural living and imagination thrives.

  • 2 Acre Club Plumeria

The 2-acre Club Plumeria represents the highest level of resort-like lifestyle yet kept private for a select few. It’s all about indulging in one’s preferences, wants, and joys with a handful of individuals. There’s a 25-meter lap pool and a well-equipped gym to remain in shape.

There’s a beautiful meditation area and more than an acre of vast, well-kept, richly landscaped grounds to host your lovely breakfasts and sundowners. A vibrant library bar, 5 En-Suite rooms, spa rooms, billiards room and badminton & tennis courts, just waiting for you to indulge in true to life experiences.

  • 2 Acre Rejuve Park

The 2-acre Rejuvé Park is another exclusive feature at Frangipani Estates. Here, you get to indulge in raw experiences as you walk along the Reflexology Trail and endless landscaped greens.

Besides the experiences, you also get some of the rarest privileges at the Rejuvé Park. Whether hosting your grand events on the landscaped greens, listening to soulful songs at the amphitheatre, or enjoying a simple al fresco dinner at the semi-covered gazebo, every feature at the Rejuve Park is designed for your indulgence.

  • 1 Acre Palm Triangle

Nature will be your closest friend in the Palm Triangle where you get to share your experiences, interests, and encounters with the dense canopy and scooting wildlife. A 1-acre private forest where the light will battle its way through the palm branches to reach you.

  • Exotic Plantation & Landscaped Areas:

Discover beautiful layers of unique trees surrounding each of the 33 estates. The first tier of trees provides protection, greenery, and cover; the second layer offers exotic fruits, and the third layer offers vitality and exquisite fragrances. They are purposefully located to make the most of the space and resources, giving each estate its horizon of greenery and exotic beauty.

Opulent Estates

Frangipani Estates offer you access to the world’s most opulent and exclusive real estate property. With their sheer size and, most importantly, placement, they provide you with opportunities that make this life look like a dream come true.

For those whose priorities are space & size, Frangipani offers estates that can go up to 1 acre, allowing you to truly plan your own life, from your own garden to design and layout.

Moreover, an outhouse is provided for your domestic assistance, drivers, and gardeners, as is conventional in traditional Indian households, to guarantee that you and your family enjoy total privacy inside your residence.

Frangipani Estates, off Sarjapur, offer 33 select estates along with an elite lifestyle experience complimented by rare privileges. If your journey is one of a kind, so should be your abode. And that’s exactly what you shall find at Frangipani. As the Managing Director & Creator who calls himself the ‘Chief Gardner’ puts it rightly.
“The Estate Chooses its Owner.”

We welcome you to Frangipani estate, where we have left no stone unturned to turn your dreams into reality. Come visit, we are ready to host you!


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