Why A Nature-centric Lifestyle Is The Only Long-term Solution!

nature centric lifestyle

In our relentless pursuit of becoming an advanced race, we have embraced technology as the core catalyst of our future life. However, in doing so, we have distanced ourselves from the very entity that made us what we are today – nature. In the name of smart living, today’s generation has forgotten the importance of nature as a facet of their daily lives.

All the innovative devices in the world can make our lives smarter but seldom do we understand that it is pristine nature, clean air, and abundant greenery that keep us healthier and happier.

At SPA Group, a focus on nature-centric living has been at the forefront long before it became a fad. Our crafted environments, nestled in the lap of nature, are a testament to this philosophy.

Let’s explore the short and long-term benefits of a lifestyle centered around nature.

#1 Understanding the Health Benefits 

Every once in a while, we think of taking a break and retreating to nature. Why do we feel so? It’s because nature gives us peace. It gives us time to reflect, rejuvenate, and pay attention to ourselves. A nature-centric lifestyle immensely benefits your mind, body, and soul, elevating your lifestyle quotient to a whole new level.

  • Living Amidst Nature for a Heathier You

    Spending time amidst nature has proven to regularise blood pressure and heart rate, enhance immunity levels, and even improve your sleep cycle.

  • Connecting With Nature for a Happier You

    Open spaces and green surroundings notably have a positive vibe, enabling you to destress and recuperate. It’s no surprise that therapists often encourage heading outdoors to ease anxiety or recover from depression.

#2 Realising the Environmental Benefits 

We must understand that the essence of living in tandem with nature is a two-way process. As much as we are taking from the environment, we must ensure that we are giving something back to it as well. Only then can we ensure a better future for ourselves and our planet.

  • Lowering Your Carbon Footprint

    When you live in line with nature, you reduce your carbon footprint, paving the way for a healthy lifestyle that’s also great for the planet.

  • Utilising Natural Resources Efficiently

    When we emphasise the importance of water and energy, we reduce the environmental impact and help preserve resources for future generations.

  • A Pollution-free Life

    Embracing a green lifestyle means reducing your reliance on cars and other forms of transportation that produce harmful emissions.

#3 Reflecting on the Lifestyle Benefits

In addition to the environmental and health benefits, embracing a nature-centric lifestyle can have a positive impact on your day-to-day well-being.

  • Lesser Screen Time

  • The more time we spend online and in front of screens, the more we rob ourselves of life’s core experiences. You can rather engage in more fruitful ‘me’ or ‘we’ time within nature.

  • A Different Environment for your Kids

  • By living a natural lifestyle, kids will be able to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. This will allow them to lead healthier, more balanced lives.

The Integration of Biophilic Design in SPA Group’s Crafted Environments 

A deep understanding of green environments has led us to stay committed to our endeavour of bringing nature to you in its purest and truest existence. Since our real estate division’s conception, nature has been at the forefront of all our communities, with us integrating biophilic design in our architecture and giving the utmost importance to landscaping with the best green technology practices to ensure that we are protecting the land.

Two of our flagship projects, Frangipani Estates & Ecocity, have paved the way for nature-centric community living and is also motivating other brands to follow suit.

ECOCITY: A 50-acre Villa Plot Community in the Lap of Nature 

The belief in the fundamental importance of the outdoors led to the formation of SPA Ecocity, which seamlessly blends nature with cutting-edge amenities. This handcrafted residential haven enables its residents to live in perfect harmony with nature through curated experiences like the 9 themed parks and a 6-acre resort within the community. Some of the parks like Nature’s Trail, In the Woods, and Fresh & Organic, take you back to your roots and let you become one with your surroundings.

Frangipani Estates:

Frangipani Estates is another example of SPA Group’s standing commitment towards crafting environments deeply rooted in nature. Designed for select 33 owners, Frangipani encourages you to reconnect with nature in its purest form. Over 1 lakh trees bearing exotic fruits, more than 100 varieties of flowering plants, 3 layers of landscaping surrounding each estate, and other such thoughtfully curated features at Frangipani create affinity towards nature in your hearts. The elite lifestyle here is further accentuated by raw experiences that can be discovered at the 2-acre Lake Serenity, 2-acre Rejuve Park, and 1 acre Palm Triangle.

SPA Environments- Where You & Nature are One

The first step towards ecocentrism is treating it as more than just an ‘environmental cause’. Rather, it’s a responsibility and a necessity.

Since our advent, we have understood this and transformed human lives with handcrafted environments that embrace modern luxury living while retaining and respecting the core aspects of mother nature because for us, you matter!


Creating luxury environments and building sustainable infrastructure for generations to enjoy since 1972.