Luxury Resorts in India: A Growing Trend 

We live in an urban world driven by a relentless pace that often leaves us yearning for peace, serenity, and tranquillity. And in pursuit of relaxing experiences, industry factors have given birth to a phenomenon in the form of a rising trend of luxury resorts. This rise is more than just a drift; it’s a manifestation of the modern traveller’s quest for unparalleled experiences.

Bangalore’s premier real estate developer, SPA Group, explores these rising developments and lays down the dynamics governing people’s quests for extraordinary experiences.

  • Longer Vacations and Increased Room Revenue
  • As urbanization continues to rise, more individuals seek to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. This shift has led to a desire for longer vacations in serene, natural settings. Belmond, a luxury travel service provider across the UK, Canada, Europe, and South East Asia, has witnessed an increase of 50% from last year in terms of room nights and 24.8% in revenue during the five months.

    The hospitality industry is capitalizing on this trend by offering extended stays, with travellers willing to spend more on their accommodations. Moreover, many luxury resorts aim to be self-contained havens, providing all amenities under one roof for the ease and convenience of their guests.

  • Rise in Demand for Famous Resorts and Destinations
  • Many people now seek iconic, well-known resorts that offer enriched experiences and a sense of luxury. The demand for such prestigious establishments isn’t limited to India alone – according to the Economic Times, hotels worldwide have seen a dramatic increase in the presence of Indian travellers seeking the allure of renowned destinations.

    This trend highlights the growing demand for exotic destinations & resorts, even when they require travelling long distances. Consequently, the forthcoming months will see a rise in customers seeking luxury resort experiences in India as well.

  • Hotel and Travel Upgrades for Customers
  • As travellers’ preferences evolve, hotel and travel businesses leave no stone unturned to cater to their ever-changing tastes and needs. One notable development is the increasing demand in India for bundled products, such as holiday packages. With an advance purchase window of 3-4 months, this category makes up 12% of the total bookings, marking a remarkable increase from 6% in the previous year. This trend underscores the industry’s commitment to providing customers with comprehensive and convenient getaway options.

    Beyond this, personalized services, including concierge assistance and tailored itineraries, are becoming the norm, ensuring that all guest needs are met seamlessly.

  • Trips to Remote & Exotic Destinations During Lean Seasons
  • Travelers are no longer limiting their vacations to peak seasons. Instead, they are opting for quick getaways during off-peak times, seeking remote and exotic destinations that offer seclusion. Luxury resorts are tapping into this trend by offering attractive packages, including exclusive deals for lean seasons, making these destinations more accessible while providing a self-contained experience for the guests’ convenience.

Bangalore’s One-of-a-kind Luxury Resort

The growth of luxury resorts in India is a testament to the changing preferences of travellers. As urbanization continues to rise, so does the demand for escapes to remarkable destinations.

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