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Exploring Seamless Community Living at Frangipani Estates

community living frangipani estates

‘Why exist when you can live? ‘

It’s a straightforward question that holds an immeasurable answer if contemplated deeply. A life that’s unique as ours needs to be celebrated out in the open under the caress of space and nature. It’s a life to be celebrated with like-minded people who share the same beliefs as yours and who want to live beyond the ordinary. To live without any worries and achieve a sense of satisfaction that resides only in your heart because your journey is one-of-a-kind.

This is the same philosophy SPA Group took to its heart to handcraft Frangipani Estates — to build an extraordinary life that’s worth living. At Frangipani, customized mansions, raw experiences, open outdoors, and a contemporary lifestyle all come together to fulfil a life many dream of. But what makes these estates a living treasure is the unified community feeling that emphasizes the idea of a worry-free life backed by dedicated estate management.

In this blog, we will look at the central functions of estate management and how they contribute profoundly to the tranquil community living experience at Frangipani Estates.

  • Access Screening for robust safety
  • Frangipani Estates provides its residents with a safe and secure community by screening all visitors and entry into the community with ID cards to ensure total security 24/7, comprehensive security, access control, and visitor management service.

  • Optimum Security with Qualified Manned Security Patrol
  • All the mansions in the estates are surrounded by high boundary walls, and the property is constantly monitored by CCTV surveillance. The estate also employs qualified manned security patrols to ensure residents enjoy a safe and secure community living experience.

  • Centralized water distribution system for all estate plots
  • Frangipani Estates are serviced by a centralized water distribution system to deliver an uninterrupted system that supplies water to all estate plots to meet the needs of the residents.

  • Private Perimeter
  • Each estate has three-sided boundary walls made from granite stones and natural slate. These walls are lined with bougainvillea, adding a touch of color and elegance to the property.

  • Underground Network
  • The underground network at Frangipani Estates includes all the utilities and services that residents need to live comfortably. This includes water, sewer, electricity, gas, and telecommunications. The development team has gone above and beyond to ensure this community is self-sufficient.

  • Storm Water Drains
  • Seamless community living at Frangipani Estates means having dedicated estate maintenance to care for essential infrastructure like storm water drains. Covered RCC stormwater drains throughout the community ensure that rainwater is quickly and efficiently guided away from homes and other buildings, minimizing the risk of flooding or water damage.

  • Separate Sewer Lines
  • Frangipani Estates have separate sewer lines for each plot, ensuring residents receive reliable and efficient sewerage services. In addition, each mansion is also provided with a water connection, an electrical main cable connection, and an underground sump tank of 5000 litres.

  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Frangipani Estates’ residents enjoy several unique amenities not typically found in other suburban communities, including a dedicated sewage treatment plant (STP). This means all wastewater residents generate is treated on-site before being returned to the environment.

  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Frangipani Estates is committed to sustainable living, and rainwater harvesting is a key part of that commitment. All rainwater is collected and used on-site, with any excess diverted to the lake or catch pits for recharging the groundwater table. A sizeable underground tank near the park also captures any excess rainfall, ensuring no water is wasted.

  • Uninterrupted Power
  • Frangipani Estates puts your residents’ needs first by providing 100% DG backup for all common areas on the property with a spare main cable that runs from the transformer throughout the community with a change over system.

  • Stand-Alone Electrical Junction
  • Frangipani Estates takes a holistic approach to estate maintenance, with regular checks and service contracts for all its common areas and facilities. This includes stand-alone electrical junction points to ensure that no other estates get disturbed if one is under maintenance. A spare hume pipeline running across the community is provided to add any future cabling, wiring etc.

  • Central Communication Risers
  • Each estate mansion at Frangipani Estates is connected with dedicated cabling for various Satellite TV and Broadband communication systems. This allows residents to access multiple channels and high-speed Internet service providers (ISPs) without worrying about the quality of their connection.

  • Staff Amenities
  • The staff at Frangipani Estates are well-taken care of, with dedicated dormitory, dining, locker, and shower facilities. These amenities allow the staff to feel like they are living in a community and not just working at a job.

  • Professional Help
  • The estate maintenance team provides a wide range of services to keep the community and common areas in pristine condition. These services include regular landscaping, gardening, repair maintenance, and cleaning tasks. The community also has a 24/7 internal team to ensure the smooth functioning of your estate and mansion for any emergency electrical and plumbing glitches. A security support system is present to assist for round the clock solutions that are just a call away.

The Epitome of Community Living Experience

Frangipani Estates is the perfect community for those who seek a peaceful and secure lifestyle. With Dedicated Estate Management, you can be rest assured that you have access to all the services needed to ensure a seamless experience. From maintenance support, security measures to robust infrastructure, these estates in Sarjapur road offers an unbeatable sense of style and luxury living with excellent amenities year-round in one beautiful community setting.


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