Frangipani Estates: A Lifestyle Detailed to Perfection 

Frangipani Estates Lifestyle

The last few years, dominated by the pandemic, have clearly altered the mindsets of Indian home buyers. It has forced people to re-evaluate their priorities and take a closer look at what kind of life they want to live. Now, there is a growing consensus amongst homebuyers to live a peaceful lifestyle that prioritizes their space, privacy, serenity, and conveniences.

While it may seem that this is the new “fad” or “trend”, we at SPA Group have been ahead of the times with our estate living philosophy, bridging connected city life and a lifestyle that is rooted in nature. In this blog, we will look at all the minute details that make Frangipani Estates the perfect place accompanying a perfect lifestyle.

  • A Natural Heaven Spread Across 35 Acres
  • Frangipani Estates have been crafted with the idea of connecting with pure nature, a luxury that has lost its meaning in contemporary times. We, as humans, are solely dependent on Mother Nature to live a superior quality of life. As such, the 35 acres of open space puts you in a place where your soul experiences inner peace with the perfect balance of flora, fauna, oxygen, and water. Your home at Frangipani Estates goes beyond mere concrete walls to place you in nature’s womb, where a purely natural lifestyle comes alive.

  • Thoughtful Layouts with Dedicated Privacy, Leisure and Entertainment Zones 
  • The estates, ranging from 22,000 sq.ft. to 44,000 sq.ft., lets you decide how you want to engage with your open spaces. The grand welcome entrance connects you to world-class infrastructure and blissful nature in an organic manner. Thoughtful layouts at Frangipani pave the way for a lifestyle that works around nature with masterful planning of the luxury clubhouse, secluded estates in Sarjapur road, experiential amenities, and estate conveniences.

  • Thoughtful Landscaping Around Each Estate
  • Each estate is shrouded with three layers of thoughtful landscaping. The first layer is for privacy, foliage, and canopy; the second layer is for exotic fruits; and the third layer is for ornamental flowers that create a vivid and fragrant atmosphere. This perfect amalgamation forms a captivating skyline of flora and foliage for each estate and maximizes space and resources.

  • Over 1 Lakh Trees and Exotic Fruits
  • Our ancestors’ stories of picking up fresh, organic fruits & vegetables daily and sharing them with their neighbours over friendly morning conversations remain happy anecdotes of years past. Although forgotten by urban Indians, Frangipani Estates keeps the same culture and values alive with the plantation of over 1 lakh trees and varieties of rare flora and foliage and clever little vents in each boundary wall to bring back this long-forgotten activity to life.

    The vast expanse of land and a wide variety of plants and trees, including Water Apple trees, Sapodilla trees, Avocado trees, produce a huge, diverse harvest for the entire community to enjoy.

  • A Sense of Belonging through Like-Minded Community Experiences 
  • Estate living at Frangipani Estates calls out to those who appreciate the fine luxury of space and nature. As a result, you get the best of a neighbourhood with like-minded people to share the same philosophies of life. These experiences are further amplified when you take part in community-driven experiences collectively.

    At present, Global CEOs, MDs, Global Vertical Heads, and Founders of India’s largest IT companies have embraced the estate-living lifestyle at Frangipani.

  • Dedicated Estate Management for Exceptional Service and Personalised Attention
  • Dedicated estate management teams ensure every detail is taken care of at Frangipani, with the primary objective of keeping every estate owner happy.

    Here is some of the world-class infrastructure at Frangipani Estates:

    • Access screening for comprehensive security and visitor management service
    • Optimum security with 24/7 CCTV surveillance and security patrol
    • Private perimeter with 3 sides for optimal boundaries
    • State-of-the-art underground infrastructure
    • Centralized water distribution system for all estates
    • One of the few communities with its own sewage treatment plant
    • Storm water drains and rainwater harvesting
    • Uninterrupted power for all common areas

  • A Masterpiece Planned to Perfection
  • Frangipani Estates is an undeniably luxurious lifestyle choice, and one which offers much more than just lavish amenities. These estates are designed by SPA Group to invite you into a spectacularly detailed world of style and serenity, with its tailored setting and relish for modern living set against the warm embrace of lush greenery. From its beautiful architecture to its exceptional nature-centric experiences, Frangipani Estates is a testament of how thoughtful and highly detailed planning can help create one-of-a-kind luxury lifestyle. A lifestyle only for the select 33 of you!


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