SPA Group – An Epitome of Versatility

SPA Group Versatility

SPA Group stands tall today as a debt-free, financially sound, sustainable and futuristic business organization. All of its success can be traced back to its core idea, its vision and the philosophy where ‘YOU matter’. Now a prominent name amongst Bangalore’s luxury real estate developers, SPA Group has already spread its wings and made a mark in other significant industries, like liquid warehousing, agriculture marketing, energy storage, green technology and horticulture.

This blog post aims to highlight the group’s exceptional versatility and examine its widespread influence in various industries.

  • Transforming Real Estate by Crafting ‘Environments’
  • SPA Group commenced its real estate journey in the 1960s. Prashant Kajaria, 3rd generation, took over the reigns later and channelised the development of exceptional projects in Kolkata and Bengaluru. However, he didn’t see eye to eye to the traditional norms and wanted to craft something that would go beyond a concrete structure of just four walls. Rather, he wanted to craft an environment that we could call our home, an environment that amplifies our imagination.

    Prashant Kajaria’s realisation and passion gave birth to Frangipani Estates (luxury estates off Sarjapur road) and SPA Ecocity (handcrafted villa plots Sarjapur road).

    With 33 mansions spread across 35 acres, Frangipani Estates were crafted to fuse luxury and serenity to live a life that’s beyond the ordinary. On the other hand, with a 50-acre handcrafted villa community, SPA Ecocity was brought forth with the idea of collective living in the lap of nature.

    Both these projects are a testament to the group’s legacy and its efforts in transforming the real estate industry.

  • SK Oil Terminals – Sustainable Liquid Warehousing for All
  • SPA Group forayed into liquid warehousing in 1972 and revolutionized energy storage needs through innovative, sustainable, efficient, and strategic warehousing techniques.

    Located at Budge Budge in Kolkata, the group’s terminal is designed to store petroleum, petrochemicals, chemicals, acids, and edible oils. The DGCA approved, state-of-the-art terminal have prime road connectivity to Nepal and northeastern landlocked states in India. It lies within the Port Protected Area and remains the largest tank terminal in Eastern India with a capacity of 1,40,000 KL.

    With the state-of-the-art infrastructure, firefighting systems, and licensed tanks for A, B, and C categories, SPA Group has created holistic solutions for all liquid warehousing business needs.

    Storing 28 tanks with differing optimum capacities with top-of-the-line infrastructure, the terminal features round-the-clock vessel operations, modern pollution control measures, 100% standby power back-up and high-powered pumps. It is also secured with modern firefighting systems, continued upgradation of safety, health & environment policy, all requisite statutory licenses, and a trained security team.

  • SPA Agro – Bringing Nature into its Purest Form
  • Prior to crafting life-enhancing environments, Prashant Kajaria at the mere age of 22, introduced to the world SPA Agro, a 100% export-oriented horticulture business (amongst the first 5 in the country) to grow and export cut rose flowers worldwide. This world-class unit based in Bengaluru imported greenhouses from the USA, irrigation systems and planting material from Israel, and cold storage from Italy.

    The group has also been the first to introduce three-layered greenhouse films and India’s second-largest importer and supplier of greenhouse films from world leaders Plastika Kritis. It was also the first in the sector to undertake contract seed production for sizeable multinational seed companies in India.

    With continued success in the horticulture ecosystem of India, SPA Group also ventured into floriculture by bringing the most beautiful existence of nature in the form of exquisite flowers, vanilla plantations, high-value ornamental plants, exotic palms, and full-fledged cut foliage plantations.

    The group also understands that creating sustainable environments is not just a novelty now but a necessity, and thus is pushing the industry’s envelope by developing innovations at SPA Agro.

    The group’s success with Agro is also reflected in its environments such as Frangipani Estates in the form of 1 Lakh unique fruits & ornamental trees.

  • SPA Group – Versatile to its Core
  • SPA Group’s versatility in its real estate, liquid warehousing, and horticulture operations has undoubtedly enabled the company to become a trusted leader in all these fields. With their innovations in luxury living, energy solutions, and emphasis on nature, they have expanded those capabilities even further. By providing a range of services that merge expertise with state-of-the-art technology, SPA Group will continue to be at the forefront of the industries it serves for years to come, primarily for real estate, where the conglomerate seeks to expand its business with upcoming environments in North Bangalore, Hoskote, Sarjapur etc.


Creating luxury environments and building sustainable infrastructure for generations to enjoy since 1972.