Real Estate Trends 2023: The Emergence of Plotted Development in Real Estate

Bangalore’s real estate market has witnessed a fascinating shift in homebuyer preferences in the last decade or so. Since then, the allure of plotted developments has taken centre stage, offering a unique blend of design control, financial flexibility, and a refreshing connection to nature. Another reason behind this rise is the lingering echoes of the pandemic, ushering individuals towards peripheral areas in search of expansive spaces that accommodate leisure, entertainment, and hobbies.

SPA Group, a premier real estate developer in Bangalore, delves into the core of this trend, unveiling why plotted developments projects have become homebuyers’ preferred choice in 2023.

  • Growing Demand for Plotted Developments
  • The surge in demand for plotted developments stems from the modern homebuyer’s yearning for autonomy in crafting their living space. The idea behind plotted developments lets you understand that a home is an extension of your personality. Thus, such developments offer a blank canvas for homeowners to realize their architectural visions, fostering spaces that mirror their lifestyles and preferences. They come forward being more than a residence; an embodiment of your choices and dreams, a reflection of your individuality in every brick and beam.

  • Benefits of Plotted Developments:
    1. Green Spaces: Unlike crowded urban complexes, plotted developments are designed meticulously to embrace nature. They are adorned with green spaces, parks, and gardens, fostering a healthier and more serene living environment.
    2. Infrastructure: What sets residential plotted developments apart is their ability to provide necessities without sacrificing the visual harmony of the surroundings. Herein, the residents find the pathways to be well-laid and interconnected, with provision for sewage and drainage systems, electricity, gas connections, safety and community facilities and much more. Overall, these developments master the art of balancing function with form, where the essential and the elegant coexist harmoniously.
    3. Open-air amenities: Plotted developments embrace the concept of amenities with a vision that goes beyond the conventional. Here, the boundaries between indoor and outdoor blur, inviting you to experience health, recreation, and relaxation in its truest form.
    4. Sense of Community Living: In plotted developments, the rhythm of daily life is punctuated by shared experiences, from impromptu conversations over morning coffee to collaborative efforts in maintaining common spaces. The result is a network of connections that transcend the superficial, where neighbours evolve into friends and friends into extended family.

  • Considerations for Plotted Development
  • While the benefits are clear, residents must remember that building a home from the ground up requires careful finances and navigating rules. Here are some of the factor’s homebuyers must be considerate of.

    1. Development Costs: The canvas of plotted developments starts with a blank slate but turning it into a masterpiece requires planning and financial considerations. Homebuyers must take up all the development costs, including architectural design and construction expenses, landscaping and exterior enhancements, interior furnishings and finishes, as well as ongoing maintenance and operational costs.
    2. Regulatory Hurdles: The path to transforming a piece of land into a plotted development is often lined with regulatory hurdles. While most developers will adhere to the laws, discerning homebuyers must also be aware of zoning laws, environmental regulations, and all local guidelines.
    3. Shared Responsibility: Unlike apartments, where shared maintenance is often delegated to management, plotted developments place the responsibility in the hands of individual homeowners. While this fosters a sense of ownership and autonomy, it also demands a collaborative spirit.

For the Freedom of Creativity & Space

As urban landscapes evolve and expand, the emerging plotted development trend in real estate offer a sustainable solution that resonates with modern desires. These developments emerge as not just a solution but a vision for the sustainable growth of our cities. In a world where space is both a luxury and a necessity, plotted developments stand as a testament to ingenuity, aligning harmoniously with the desires of the modern homeowner.

SPA Ecocity and Frangipani Estates, with community of villa plots Sarjapur Road, stand as exemplars of flourishing communities. Embodying luxury and space, these projects epitomize the synergy between aesthetics, sustainability, and individuality. These environments are perfect for those who seek a tranquil sanctuary that beckons creative architectural expression.


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