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9 Themed Parks that Elevate Your Lifestyle at SPA Ecocity

Ecocity Theme Parks
What’s the one element that differentiates gated community living from a typical township or city living? While the debate can be set up against several factors, exclusive experiences are the primary factors that differentiate community living from any other.

While contemporary city and township living offer a ton of amenities, they are limited by area and size. As such, compromises are made on the valuable experiences that homebuyers place emphasis on outside of their own personal abodes. As a result, these township or city apartment amenities often fail to complement modern homebuyers’ needs and requirements.

Gated communities, on the other hand, are often catered to homebuyers’ needs in a way that is unsustainable for single apartments or townships – given a larger abundance of space, curated experience zones are crafted to fulfill a need for luxury couples with comfort.

SPA Group has developed a 50-acre handcrafted community of villa plots in Sarjapur road, Ecocity, that combines the luxury of space with the comforts of convenience within the walls of a secure gated community. The 9 nature-centric dedicated themed parks are one of the most unique features of Ecocity, with intentionally curated experience zones for each age group. Let’s have a look.

9 Themed Parks for an Elevated Lifestyle

  1. Fresh & Organic – a 1-acre organic farm
  2. Imagine what’s it like to grow your own food and vegetables. The feeling of plucking those fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables that carry the wisdom of our Mother Earth and ancestors. Surely, it’s a feeling that can’t be experienced within the confines of the urban jungle.

    That’s why we have a 1-acre organic farm with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. At Fresh & Organic, there’s nothing quite like getting back to nature and enjoying the simple things in life.

  3. Mowgli World – Play area dedicated to kids under the age of 12 
  4. We all know the feeling of coming home after our playtime with skinned knees and happy hearts. As parents, however, we cannot stop ruminating about the safety and security of our children.

    At Mowgli World, a play area dedicated to kids under the age of 12, provides just that – a dedicated zone with the utmost of safety and security precautions for young ones to explore and enjoy. Feel at ease letting your children play carefree on the slides, traverse the walking trail and sand pit, and monkey around.  

  5. My Playground – Dedicated area for teens to play sports
  6. While the young ones are playing in Mowgli World, we also have a dedicated area for our teens! My Playground gives teenagers and young adults the space to play outdoor sports like gully cricket and football to their hearts content. Secluded from other villas, this dedicated zone for children offers the perfect place to play without interruptions.

  7. Celebration Park – For celebrating moments larger than life 
  8. From weddings and anniversaries to birthday parties and intimate moments, the Celebration Park has the perfect setting for any of your priceless occasions. With its massive, landscaped lawns, a beautiful amphitheater, and a barbeque zone, Celebration Park is the ideal place to make your memories truly unforgettable.

  9. Pet Park – Dedicated zone for the furry members of the family 
  10. Pets are a part of the family and deserve a dedicated space to play and explore, just like their human counterparts. That’s why SPA Ecocity features a pet park – a particular area designed with play equipment for your furry friends to run, jump, and play to their heart’s content. Featuring a rainwater harvesting system is a pond in the center of this park that lends itself as an environment-forward solution as well as a fun spot for pets to splash about in.

  11. In the Woods – Dedicated woody dense jungle
  12. In The woods is a dense jungle where you can explore and discover abundant flora and fauna. There is a wide variety of exotic plant life to be found here to ignite your inner anthophile. Take a sunset stroll, you’ll be sure to be amazed by the sights.

  13. Cricket Nets – An allocated space for cricket enthusiasts 
  14. SPA Ecocity provides the perfect setting for cricket enthusiasts to enjoy their passion. The community features dedicated cricket nets so residents can practice their batting and bowling skills. There is also plenty of green space for playing a game of catch or simply enjoying a sunny day.

  15. Life@60 – Area for senior citizens of our family 
  16. A morning walk or an evening stroll is an important part of our routines, as it is for most of the seniors in our life.

    At Life@60, our loved ones can enjoy the company of friends at the Gazebo, meditate under the shade of the leafy trees, exercise in the outdoor gym, and simply catch the sun’s rays.

  17. Nature’s Trail – For a walk amidst nature 
  18. There’s no better feeling than walking barefoot where the grass caresses your toes and your mind wanders listening to the rustling sounds of falling leaves and chirping birds.

    Nature’s Trail at SPA Ecocity provides a space where these feelings are in abundance. With its water body, butterfly garden, jogging path, reflexology pathways and more, this trail is great for morning or evening walks. Let the fresh air and natural surroundings help you feel refreshed and re-energized.

SPA Ecocity – Designed for All Family Members

Every person in your family is unique, has a different journey, and has specific needs and requirements. They deserve a place where they feel at home where all their requirements are fulfilled. And that’s what Ecocity by SPA Group is all about!

With 9 themed parks offering extraordinary experiences ranging from entertainment to relaxation, there’s something for everyone at SPA Ecocity. So come and explore this remarkable destination today – your ultimate elevated lifestyle awaits because for us, you matter!


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