Infrastructure at Ecocity – Future Proof Detailing

SPA Ecocity Infrastructure

Owning a home is a cherished aspiration for many individuals, as the pursuit of enhancing one’s standard of living remains a constant goal. In Bangalore, a land of aspiring technologists, there are various living options that offer individuals abundant opportunities to do so. If you’re in search of a villa plot in Sarjapur Road for the ultimate luxurious living experience, we’ve got you covered. We welcome you to SPA Ecocity, an exquisite, gated community that embodies sustainability and eco-friendliness. Nestled amidst serene natural beauty, Ecocity in Sarjapur offers thoughtfully crafted villa plots that provide a unique and harmonious living experience with nature. The infrastructure at Ecocity has been meticulously designed to provide residents with state-of-the-art facilities while keeping the environment at the forefront. From well-engineered roads to extensive landscaping, Ecocity boasts of an array of luxurious amenities that elevate your lifestyle. In this blog, we will delve into the exceptional features and benefits of this close-knit community, highlighting how it can enhance your lifestyle while focusing on nature.

Overview of Infrastructure at Ecocity

At Ecocity, infrastructure and nature are the cornerstones of the community. Our carefully designed and conceptualized infrastructure includes well-engineered roads, high-quality power supply, underground cabling, stormwater drainage, rainwater harvesting, 24/7 water supply, sewage treatment, wheelchair-friendly pathways, extensive landscaping, reflective road signages, and more. Below are some of the significant infrastructural amenities that will enhance your luxurious lifestyle:

  • Grand entry gates and plazas elevate both the beauty and security of the community. The well-designed cobblestone and asphalt roadways ensure durability and minimize community vehicle maintenance expenses.
  • Reflective road signages are installed throughout all roads in the community, ensuring clear visibility and safety for all.
  • Each plot in Ecocity is outfitted with well-designed panels and a captive electric transformer to provide a high-quality, fluctuation-free power supply. With a minimum power supply of 3KVA, residents can enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle with uninterrupted energy access. The community offers separate and concealed underground electrical, data, and telecom cabling up to each plot, with built-in redundancies to prevent future road digging. Additionally, an engineered storm water drainage system, based on 100 years of rainfall data, prevents flooding and overflow, providing a safe and comfortable living experience for residents.
  • Rainwater harvesting and engineered groundwater recharging pits conserve water and reduce dependence on external sources. A 24/7 water supply, stored in exclusive tanks and borewells, offers residents access to clean and reliable water at all times.
  • A working sewage treatment plant guarantees proper disposal and treatment of wastewater, promoting hygiene and preventing environmental pollution.
  • Residents can enjoy walking, running, and other outdoor activities without any restrictions thanks to the seamless wheelchair and stroller-friendly routes that promote inclusivity.
  • The neighborhood has extensive landscaping, which provides residents with a beautiful and healthy environment. The trees, plants, and flora, carefully selected for their sound and dust-absorbing properties, improve the overall air quality and reduce noise pollution. The community also features strategic plantation of aromatic plants and fruit trees that can be enjoyed by the residents.


SPA Ecocity provides opulent villa plots in Sarjapur road in a gated neighborhood that places an emphasis on a sense of connection to nature. With its outstanding views, refined surroundings, and first-rate lifestyle amenities, Ecocity redefines luxury living. In addition to offering a comfortable lifestyle, these amenities also support sustainability and environmental protection. For those looking for a harmonious living experience that strikes a balance between luxury, nature, and stunning landscapes, Ecocity Sarjapur is the ideal option. The standard of excellence here is evident in the preservation of the micro-climate of this pristine property and its distinctive topography. Every effort has been made to maintain its natural environment.


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