SPA Group: What Drives Us to Create Unmatched Experiences?

SPA Group experiences

Everything we do at SPA Group is driven by one strong entity – YOU. We have made it our mission to exceed your expectations by delivering experiences that enhance your life and also that of generations to come. Our values, processes, and efforts are unanimously centered around you, which is precisely why we say – “You Matter”.

This philosophy has always been rooted in the Kajaria family, long before SPA Group came into existence. Our ancestors began their entrepreneurial journey through a foray into mini steel plants and coal mine trading. Ever since, we have been crafting products and services that make a difference in your lives.

In 1972, Sushil Kajaria, a third-generation torchbearer of the Kajaria family, decided to diversify the family business through a venture into liquid warehousing in Kolkata. Roping in his sons- Prashant and Amit Kajaria, he laid the foundation of a conglomerate under the name SPA Group – a name formed from the initials of Sushil, Prashant, and Amit Kajaria. Further ignited by Prashant Kajaria’s inherent passion for natural environments, the Group expanded onto the real estate domain in Bengaluru.

Today, SPA Group commands a formidable position in multiple industries with its two main verticals being liquid warehousing in Kolkata and real estate development in Bangalore.

Here’s how we, as a boutique developer in Bangalore, strive to create unparalleled experiences for you.

1. The Core Pillars of SPA Group

Pioneering, innovating, and performing par excellence has always been our motto. By keeping our customers at the core, we strive to create experiences and craft environments where individuals’ dreams come alive.

Keeping all our stakeholders at the forefront, we carefully crafted the following four guiding pillars that lead the way for us.

  • Vision:

    Creating luxury environments and building sustainable infrastructure for generations to enjoy.

  • Mission:

    In every piece we craft, we will always deliver more than what we promised “you”, because, yes, “you” matter!

  • Manifesto:

    Your journey. Your story. Your style. Your standards. Your comfort. You. Yes, you. From the philosophy we follow to the personalization we implement, at the core of every detail, it has been you. We believe in giving you what you deserve best. Always.

  • Philosophy:

    Why exist when you can live?

Through every environment we create, we enable you to thrive and not just survive. This inherent belief is what helps us deliver more than what we promise to you. Implementing quality, innovation, and sustainability, we consistently craft timeless landmarks that befit your lifestyle requirements.

2. Our Motto: A Promise. A Proposition. A Resolution.

All our core pillars are built on the foundation of ‘YOU Matter,’ where the needs of every customer, every stakeholder and employee are translated into our carefully curated services and offerings.

3. How Do We Achieve This?

We realise our motto by designing complete environments with personalised residences and experiences that fulfill your desires.
Keeping this sentiment close to our pillars, we create unmatched values for you by:

  • Opening Gateways to Unique Experiences

  • We understand that each individual has unique needs and preferences. This is why we go that extra mile to ensure that each and every one of you enjoys a personalised experience with us at SPA Group.

  • Paving the Way for Green Living

  • All of our projects are deeply rooted in nature, where the residents experience raw nature and biodiversity in its natural form. Furthermore, the environments are created where all the residents can seamlessly enjoy all the luxuries that they want while living a life that is rooted in nature’s lap.

  • Designing Contemporary Living with Abundance of Convenience & Space

  • In our books, contemporary luxury living is about having the luxury of convenience and space. That’s why we make sure every aspect of your home is impeccable, from the perfect location to stunning architecture, accompanied by world-class amenities.

Here’s how we have combined all these factors to bring exceptional living experiences directly to you:

Frangipani Estates — For the select 33 of YOU

Frangipani Estates redefines the meaning of estate living with 33 personalised mansions across 35 sprawling acres with unique experiences such as:

  • 2-acre Prive Club
  • 2-acre Lake Serenity
  • 2-acre Rejuve Park, and
  • 1-acre Palm Triangle

SPA Ecocity — A 50-acre Handcrafted Villa Plot Community

SPA Ecocity is designed to be the ‘future of smart living’. It’s about you and your family, where the luxury of time and space reign supreme with features like:

  • 6-acre VISMAYA Spa & Resort
  • 24-hour medical care
  • WFH facility
  • 24-hour creche
  • Classroom for online tutorials and
  • 9 themed parks

It’s Always Been — YOU

Since our inception, our brand values and ethos have always revolved around YOU. From our humble beginnings to becoming an established boutique brand, we have created unmatched experiences for you and for future generations to enjoy. Come, be a part of SPA Group, where YOU matter, always.


Creating luxury environments and building sustainable infrastructure for generations to enjoy since 1972.