The Art of Craftsmanship: SPA Group’s Signature Lifestyle

In the revolutionary world of business, where trends come and go, SPA Group stands as a timeless testimony to perseverance, innovation, and an unwavering passion for creating not just mere structures but holistic lifestyles.

SPA Group’s journey, from its origins in Liquid Warehousing to its ventures in Horticulture and the pinnacle of real estate in Bangalore, paints a realistic picture of an entity that has not only evolved with time but has left a definitive hallmark on every industry it has touched.

In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the transformative journey of SPA Group, understanding how each phase has played a significant role in shaping the ideal life crafted just for ‘YOU.’

  • The Humble Beginning: Liquid Warehousing in 1972
  • SPA Group’s remarkable journey spans five decades, dating back to 1972 with the Liquid Warehousing division, S.K. Oil Terminals, evolving into the largest tank terminal in Eastern India with a capacity of 1,40,000 KL. Now among the top 5 in the nation, it caters to esteemed clients like Reliance, Indigo Airlines, IBP, IMC, revolutionizing energy storage with a commitment to sustainability, efficiency and strategic innovation. SPA Group’s roots in liquid warehousing not only pioneered advancements in the industry but also set the tone for its future ventures.

  • The Diversification of Horticulture in 1993
  • SPA Group expanded its horizons in 1993 by entering the realm of Horticulture as SPA Agro. One of the most significant achievements by SPA Agro was securing the title of being the first in the country to introduce three-layered greenhouse films. In addition to global collaborations with Dutch Technology transfer, SPA Agro brought in diverse perspectives that helped them stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, SPA Group also ventured into the Floriculture sector and explored the world of exotic flowers and trees whose seeds can be seen in Frangipani Estate’s serene landscaping.

  • Being Bangalore’s Finest in Real Estate
  • The turning point for SPA Group came when Prashant Kajaria, the visionary leader, fused his love for nature with the art of real estate, and soon, SPA Group became one of the leading real estate developers in Bangalore. Frangipani Estates and SPA Ecocity emerged as the crown jewels in SPA Group’s portfolio, redefining luxury living in Bangalore. These two environments are not mere structures; they are meticulously crafted lifestyles set amidst nature.

    1. Frangipani Estates:
    2. Frangipani Estates, luxury estates off Sarjapur Road, stands as the epitome of architectural innovation and environmental consciousness. This exclusive estate living community in Bangalore seamlessly unites elegance with sustainability, offering residents a harmonious living experience where space is luxury and nature is a priority. Each detail of Frangipani Estates is meticulously crafted to create a nature’s paradise within the city, a space where cutting-edge design meets eco-friendly practices. From lush green landscapes to innovative infrastructure, every element of Frangipani Estates reflects a commitment to redefine luxury living.

    3. SPA Ecocity:
    4. SPA Ecocity, another stellar creation by SPA Group, is a masterpiece that brings the future of smart living closer to you and your family and focusses on the concept of ‘me time’ living. This gated community offers exclusive villa plots Sarjapur Road, designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life and seek a lifestyle that resonates with luxury and eco-consciousness. With a focus on collective living, SPA Ecocity offers residents an intrinsic blend of luxury and environmental harmony.

SPA Group – Constructing Legacies, Redefining YOU

SPA Group’s legacy is not just a story of success but a promise for a fruitful future. SPA Group has consistently raised the bar, highlighting an unwavering dedication to excellence with their iconic achievements in every industry they have ventured into.

Explore the unique environments of SPA Group – Frangipani Estates & SPA Ecocity in Bangalore’s finest locations. The two masterpieces by SPA Group are not ordinary real estate projects but reflections of the modern lifestyle fused with nature’s calm. Accept the invitation to experience the exceptional, where every moment is a testament to the artistry of living amid the finest landscapes in Bangalore.


Creating luxury environments and building sustainable infrastructure for generations to enjoy since 1972.